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Congratulations to the Swedish clients of The Nordic Consulting on the court approval of a claim negotiated with the court appointed administrator of Silverpoint Vacations SL . In total the court has approved an award of €334.080 relating to the purchase of shares in a company that corresponds to ...
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Anfi Timeshare Lawyer
Anfi Beach Club in Gran Canaria Positive ruling: Ref No. 1313/2010, Date. 21/11/2016, Amount. 29,117.1£ Positive ruling: Ref No. 1306/2010, Date. 21/11/2016, Amount. 38,850.77£ Positive ruling: Ref No. 371/2016, Date. 22/06/2018, Amount. 19,314£ Positive ruling: Ref No. 537/2016, Date. 04/07/2019...
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Beverly Hills Club in Tenerife Positive ruling: Ref No. 768/2017, Date. 27/09/2018, Amount. 50.590,29£ Positive ruling: Ref No. 125/2018, Date. 06/09/2018, Amount. 160.457,31€ Positive ruling: Ref No. 1.127/2017, Date. 04/09/2018, Amount. 155.465,19€...
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Club La Costa Exit/Termination Lawyer Spain
San Diego Suites in Costa Del Sol Positive ruling: Ref No. 818/2018 , Date.  16/07/2020  , Amount.  23.847,12£ Positive ruling: Ref No.  857/2016  , Date.  11/06/2020   , Amount.   11.056,56£ Positive ru...
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