The Nordic Consulting stands up to Excel Hotels & Resorts

The Nordic Consulting stands up to Excel Hotels & Resorts

Excel sent out an email this week, seemingly in response to an article published on the website of The Nordic Consulting. The article was entitled “Best Way Global and Excel trying to intimidate Beverly Hills Club owners”. It highlighted reports of high-pressure marketing calls being made by this third-party company that works in collaboration with Excel. If you received one of these calls you will likely recognise the truth of what we published.

The Nordic Consulting stands by its article and has evidence to back everything it publishes. In contrast to this, the letter from Excel is misleading and untrue. To demonstrate this, we analyse its contents point-by-point below:

The Nordic Consulting does NOT currently manage apartment rentals in Beverly Hills Club or Palm Beach Club

The Nordic Consulting is the most successful real estate agency for sales in Beverly Hills Club and has been involved in 59 transactions over the past 3 years. Any claims by other companies that they have an exclusivity to sell apartments in the complex are false. In our experience signing a rental contract with Excel makes the apartments harder to sell.

The Nordic Consulting is NOT “in breach of any Canary Islands Government regulations regarding Tourist Apartments”

On the contrary, we ARE aware that Excel has been reported to both the Tenerife Cabildo and the Canarian Government for failing to meet licensing requirements. You can see a copy of the latest report to these authorities here: 

Report to Tenerife Cabildo & Canarian Government

We are NOT causing our clients to fail to meet tax obligations

Some investors own whole companies related to Palm Beach Club. A new company, Riekki Opal, has replaced Excel as director of 28 of these companies. The company shareholders are well informed and updated and know exactly the status of their companies.

When it took over, the new management asked specialist lawyers and accountants to review each company´s records and tax returns. This review found Excel had not filed all the required accounts and tax returns.

For these companies there are two judicial proceedings open against Excel with the Courts of Arona. A criminal complaint has also been submitted regarding Excel denying company management access to the apartments. Additionally, there is also a possible criminal complaint for “unfaithful administration” for the way these companies were administered prior to the new management taking over.

Misleading statement – “Excel … is already taking legal action” (presumably against The Nordic Consulting)

Clearly upset by the exposés we published on our webpage, Excel pressured us to remove the content. We have been threatened with legal action, but we are not currently aware of any open judicial processes against us. We have not changed anything on our webpage because we have supporting evidence for all the content, and we hope you find it interesting and useful.

The Court of First Instance of Arona is NOT rejecting the petitions of The Nordic Consulting

Many clients have successfully evicted Excel Hotels & Resorts SL from their apartments in Beverly Hills Club via the courts of Arona using our legal services. You can read about some of these victories here. We believe that Excel are referring to a court sentence this January between Demali Property & Investments SL and Excel that involved 12 apartments owned by Demali. The judge initially agreed that the case could be heard as part of an express “verbal procedure”.

In his sentence the judge does not say that Excel was right. Rather the case was complicated by the fact that some apartments had been sold by the time of the court hearing. What the judge says is that the eviction request should be heard through the court as an “ordinary process” and not as an express “verbal procedure”. No legal expenses were awarded to either party. You can see a copy of the court sentence here:

Sentencia – Demali Property & Investments SL vs Excel Hotels & Resorts SA

The Nordic Consulting vs Excel

Our business has an excellent reputation, based on hard work and results. This is reflected by the reviews that matter – those of our clients. Excel´s reputation speaks for itself. Ali Farhoud, CEO of The Nordic Consulting comments “If Excel did the right thing, we wouldn´t have any business.”

There are many independent newspaper articles that highlight the links between Excel and Silverpoint and the related criminal investigation. Here are some examples (note: this newspaper is in Spanish) :

Excel is continuing to make itself unpopular. For example, in January 2022 Excel increased community fees in Beverly Hills Club by about 50%, despite the other owners represented at the community meeting voting unanimously against this massive increase.

It is curious that, as far as we know, the important minutes of the 2021 Beverly Hills Club Annual General Meeting were only sent out to owners in Spanish months after the event. In contrast it seems the “warning” about The Nordic Consulting was sent out quickly in 8 different languages.

Owners in Beverly Hills Club are encouraged to continue to support the Beverly Hills Club Owner´s project which is working to help apartment owners take back control of their complex.

Independent references

For owners who don´t have legal advice or who simply have doubts, we suggest that before you speak to ANY company you consult with other independent owners. Some of them are very well informed and have been monitoring the situation for many years.

There are several independent forums available. Members have no business relationship or links with companies, including The Nordic Consulting. One such group is managed by Ulf Alvarsson, an owner in Beverly Hills Club. To request access, you would need to email:

If you would like to join a forum or speak to another owner/member in your language, please let us know and we will be happy to put you in touch.


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