The end of an era: Club La Costa stops selling timeshare

The end of an era: Club La Costa stops selling timeshare

Club La Costa has just announced that the company is closing its timeshare sales operations. In a letter to members, company chairman, Roy Peires blamed the change on the global pandemic.

The company´s timeshare resorts are being maintained by skeleton crews as very few tourists are arriving at the moment. Face-to-face timeshare sales have been virtually impossible – simply due to the lack of people at the company´s overseas resorts. The entire timeshare sales workforce has been dissolved in the UK, Turkey and Spain, with hundreds of people losing their jobs.

It is important to note that the company is not going into liquidation and is not closing all its operations. Over the past few years Club la Costa has been moving clients towards other types of real estate investments. This is part of a strategy to avoid being sued by members who were sold illegal timeshare contracts.

Since Club la Costa is a large solvent company, many owners have decided to apply to the courts for a refund of the money they spent, being confident that the company has the funds to pay out. Another motivating factor is that the pandemic is highlighting just how inflexible and expensive this type of prepaid holiday can be.   If you own timeshare in Club La Costa and want to know whether you should apply for a refund of your timeshare, make sure you contact the Nordic Consulting for a free consultation.

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