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Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness. Contacted by Nordic Consulting after being left in the lurch by Silverpoint. As a former employee of Silverpoint, Nordic owner, Ali Farhoud is poacher turned gamekeeper, so has extensive knowledge of how the system works. Most of the team have English as their first language, therefore can interpret our wishes to the Spanish Lawyers and vice versa (although google translate is useful). As with UK law progress is slow, but we are kept up to date usually via email. With Ali and Trudy Woolley acting as proxy, I feel we are in safe hands.

William Sneddon

Personal and professional help

Jostein Jektnes

I am really grateful for the help I received from Nordic Consulting pursuing my case against Silverpoint!

Tommy Bergström

You cannot get better information and personal contact. I am really glad that it was you who got the assignment, especially Mira is fantastic.

Ann-gret From

Best in Tenerife! We have received the best service from the company's staff and they even translated into Finnish in the ongoing legal proceedings against Silverpoint. Ali, Mira and Kaisa answer the questions quickly and with know-how that will inspire confidence that will hopefully continue and end in time for our benefit. I can warmly recommend the company to everyone else- 🙂

Jari Lautanen

2 years ago we embarked with Nordic Consulting, we were always well received both at the office and by mail/telephone. They have submitted my file to the Court in Tenerife and there is now a verdict, completely in my favor. Throughout the procedure, they kept me very well informed of the state of affairs and spoke in a friendly and professional manner whenever I had any questions. They have also always been open and clear regarding the duration of the procedure. Such things simply take some time. In any case, I have entrusted them with a new case and I am confident that once again my interests will be optimally defended by the competent team.

Jean Pierre Paesen

Solicited by several companies, including by video call, we chose Nordic Consulting. Fabrice had won our confidence during our discussions in Hollywood Mirage and we appreciate all the information sent  in our language. Very satisfied with the efforts made by Nordic Consulting for the follow-up of the case. Claude and Marie-Yvonne GLEDEL

Marie-Yvonne Gledel

We are very satisfied with the professional and friendly treatment we received from both Mira and Ali, when they handled our case. It is with pleasure that we can give our best recommendations. Maud & Bengt Holmberg

Bengt Holmberg

Our contact with Nordic Consulting has been only positive!

Bo Johnsson

Quality, Responsiveness.

Francois Delauzanne

Hey! We would like to draw attention to Ali Farhoud for the effort he has made for us. He arranged the sale of our apartment despite the prevailing circumstances. Ali and his team have done everything to arrange for the best for us. The Nordic consulting is professional, sincere, nice and encouraging to work with. Thank you Nordic for all the help in our difficult situation. Bjarne and Siv-Britt Finnholm

Bjarne and Siv-Britt Finnholm

Excellent contacts, serious and personalized follow-up.

Dominique Galliot

Very Professional

Domenico Annecchini

Very satisfied with Nordic Consulting , helpful, positive and professional. Our best recommendations.

Berit Fuglesteg

Having been conned by the silver tonged Silverpoint liars, I had given up hope of any prospects of recompense until my wife and I came across Nordic Consulting. We found them particularly well versed in dealings over Silverpoint and their miss-selling tactics and were impressed by their very responsive attitude. Following face to face meetings with Ali and his legal team we were more than happy to let them represent and guide us through the procedures and Spanish law insofar as our claim was concerned. We are continually kept up to date with the progress of our claim and the way our case is being dealt with is very professional. We would have no hesitation in recommending Nordic Consulting to anyone who has had similar dealings with Silverpoint or other Timeshare sharks.

Richard Sharp

Always felt that they think of us customers and inform about everything

Mikael Everstig

Get good information continuously

Irene Josefsson

Very satisfied with the Nordic Consulting firm in Tenerife, for the competence, reliability, seriousness and speed in communicating. Thanks to the staff and in particular to Mrs. Maria D'Alessio

Aldo Prea

Very good, we have always been treated nicely, received all possible help quickly, very professional. We can warmly recommend Nordic Consulting.

Pirkko Lindvåg

The collaboration with Nordic Consulting is a very pleasant experience. In order to work with clients who have already been disadvantaged in the past, it is important to gain trust and make them feel in good hands. They have this property at Nordic consulting! We are very impressed with the way of communicating, nothing is too much. We have full confidence that our case is in good hands. You owe the attribution of the claims you bring in to your teamwork and expertise. Professional, human, honest and reliable are the competences of the employees! Keep it up!

Rita Hulsebosch

I am deeply grateful that I "stumbled upon" Nordic Consulting Canaria Islands. My mum and dad owned an interest in an apartment in Beverly Hills for 30 years and then moved on to the Hollywood Mirage. They have tried to sell / be exempted from the agreement for about 15 years but have not succeeded. They asked for my help in 2020, googled and found Nordic Consulting Canaria Islands, which I liked. I wrote to the company and was immediately called and explained what they could help with, etc. Since then I have been in contact with the fantastically nice and helpful Mira Riekki from The Nordic Consulting Canaria Islands. Now the case was in court and the contract was annulled and terminated. Unfortunately, my father didn't have time to experience this. Highly recommend that you can safely contract The Nordic Consulting Canaria Islands. Daughter Pia

Pia Reimby Wallgren

Very good experience of the company so far, hope for the same experience in the future!

Klaus Flügge

Best thanks for the legal assistance we received in canceling the sale of the vacation home we bought from the scammers. As a result of the lawsuit, we will get back double the purchase price we paid. We are really pleased with the service we have received from Nordic Consulting. +++++

Esko Ropponen

Nordic Consulting are very professional in their dealings with me, keeping me fully informed with the progress of my claims. In a market beset with sharks and conmen, my experience is that Nordic Consulting are genuine, honest and client focused.

Philip Wilkinson

Reliability, Sincerity, Kindness and Competence are the Qualities of the Nordic Consulting of Tenerife. Thanks to all the staff and in particular to Mrs. Maria D'Alessio and Melissa S. with whom we interacted for updates and progress of the ongoing lawsuit against Silverpoint. Thanks to everyone at Nordic Consulting in Tenerife

Emma Collina

We are very satisfied with Nordic Consulting Tenerife and all its staff. Always very kind and fast in contacting us for communications and / or news in general. An applause to Mrs. Maria D'Alessio and Melissa S. with whom we interact for all the updates concerning "Silverpoint". We warmly thank everyone at Nordic Consulting Tenerife.

Leonardo Venturini

Excellent - very professional and a pleasure to do business with.

Helen Cutche

A warm thank you to The Nordic Consulting for their initiative in helping us to start lawsuit against Silverpoint and EOH. We had completely given up all hope of getting back any of the money we had invested in these companies. We have now got back most of our money and now feel more financially secure as pensioners.

Gunilla och Berndt Becker
Marleen & Danny Goemaere

We are very pleased with the service offered. In particular, Mrs. Dominique Van Mol and Mrs. Catherine Earnshaw always provide a clear situation at every step. They have put a lot of energy in following up our complicated file. We are currently facing point 4 in our file for submitting a claim against '' Silverpoint '' and '' Club Paradiso ''. We sincerely hope that the further progress will be completed with the same care. Once again thank you for your efforts.

Marleen & Danny Goemaere
Maureen Leigh

I am more than satisfied with the service I have received so far from The Nordic Consulting.  The level of customer service is excellent. I have been kept informed at every stage of the process which I have found very reassuring.  I have also been contacted by telephone by key people within the company to explain things or to see if I have any questions. The Client Area of the website has been useful too and documents relating to the case are stored there for easy access.  I have also found the timescale document very helpful.  I would fully recommend using Nordic Consulting.

Maureen Leigh
Anders & Annette Lundbladh

We are more than satisfied with the service we have received from The Nordic Consulting, being able to sell our apartment at Beverly Hills Club in the midst of Corona pandemic is an achievement. Once the rental contract with EXCEL ended in December 2019, we had a buyer for the apartment in mid March and then the lockdown happen and final payment was made once Spain opened up again. Through the whole process Nordic Consulting have managed contacts/contracts with all needed parties in order to get the sale done, without us needing to come to Tenerife once. All handled via a Power Of Attorney. We have been kept informed at every stage of the process which we find of paramount importance in a case like this. Thank You Nordic Consulting!

Anders & Annette Lundbladh
Lasse & Liselotte Andersson

We contacted Ali Farhoud at Nordic Consulting when we had been "cheated" by Silverpoint when we bought an apartment in Tenerife that turned out to be a timeshare. We have started a legal case to recover our money. After much contact, Ali also finally arranged so that we could sell our apartment in Beverly Hills Club. He then arranged quickly and smoothly for our money to be transferred to Sweden. We can really recommend Ali and Nordic Consulting when it comes to doing real business in Tenerife. Once again, a BIG thank you Ali Farhoud!

Lasse & Liselotte Andersson
Heather Gilliland

This has been a very professional and helpful experience. Catherine has been great help in getting it all pulled together. We feel we're in good hands. Ivan and Heather Gilliland.

Heather Gilliland

Nordic Consulting have been both professional and helpful. They have clearly expressed the process that we have to go through. We all know how slow the Spanish process can be, but I'm sure that we will be kept up to date as things progess. Having called in their office in Tenerife last week, I found them all most helpful, particularly the discussions with both Ali and Catherine.

David Goulden

Given the chaos and turmoil resulting from the collapse of Silverpoint, we were bombarded with calls from various “legal experts” offering help and rescue. The situation resulted in a feeding frenzy for the sharks. After careful checking we decided to put our trust with Nordic who appeared to be knowledgeable, experienced and realistic. They walked us through the various legal procedures they would invoke on our behalf. Be warned that Spanish legal procedures are slow and expensive. Nordic’s services don’t come cheap either. However, we chose to engage them. To their credit they have kept us regularly informed of the (slow) progress. Only time will tell if they are as good as we trust they are.

Andy Pearse

We learned to our greatest annoyance that the sale of the apartments sold by Silverpoint is a fraud. We bought these products because they seemed to be a good deal according to the show we got from them. We were able to rent out the apartments and when not used by ourselves, a correct financial allocation key was applied. However, it now appears that it is a hidden timeshare contract, and when the need was greatest, Silverpoint could no longer be reached. Thanks to Geert De Greef we received help from The Nordic Consulting company. Even though Geert sold us the apartments, he is also deceived by what is happening now. It is professionalism that Geert did not run away from the problem but continues to defend us through thick and thin. Geert arranged for a direct contact with Ali Farhoud of Nordic Consulting who, although he had never sold anything to us personally, would now take it for us. Both men gave us hope again. We get help in Dutch; We see progress, not only with vocabulary but with black and white legal documents; We feel fully supported; We are informed of the state of affairs at every step of the process; We always get a quick answer to all our questions; We therefore have complete confidence in Nordic Consulting. We can highly recommend Nordic Consulting to anyone who is currently confronted with the same problem. Thanks again to Geert in particular and to Ali and his staff for their adequate and professional interventions. Yves and Chris Descamps-Blommaert Thanks

Yves en Chris Descamps-Blommaert

Although I am not happy with the price of the sale, I think The Nordic Consulting has done a good job. I feel they have acted honestly and convincingly. They have shown that I have been able to trust them, which is very important!

Liv-Unni Røed

We would like to thank The Nordic Consulting Canaria Islands for all the help we received regarding the sale of the apartment we bought at Beverly Hills Club. Bought it from Silverpoint as an investment with associated leases that justified own use up to 50% and the rest of the year for rental. The purchase negotiations were made with Ali Farhoud. He showed us the apartment and answered all our questions, explained how we can use the apartment.-Own use, rent or sell. Everything was completely possible according to the actions we went through. We were very happy with the purchase. The location of the apartment was good and it was in good condition. Waited a long time to make the legal registration with the notary and at the turn of the year 2017 came the time it would happen. Just before we went to the notary, we received a "paper" from Silverpoint to sign stating that certain documents no longer apply. We were canceled at the meeting with the notary and did not think about that "paper" anymore and quickly we went to the notary together with a representative of Silverpoint and an interpreter. We were also informed that the agreed interest payment will end immediately. -There will be a new agreement on the rental. The signing at the notary went quickly and we also visited a lawyer appointed by Silverpoint who would take care of the practicalities of the legal registration. Six months later, when we had received the legal registration, we visited Silverpoint again to obtain the new documents regarding the rental procedure. It turned out then that Silverpoint was closed and a representative of EXCEL HOTELS & RESORTS said that she has the agreement that will apply. She and her assistants claimed that this agreement is better than the previous one, but in practice we had been without an agreement for half a year. The interest payment ran until the end of 2017. Then we had no other option than to sign the lease that would apply from 1 January 2018. We did not receive rent compensation until we reminded EXCEL several times. We were disappointed and contacted Ali who had started his own company to help clients who had been deceived by e.g. Silverpoint, and it turned out to be many. It should be added here that Ali handled our purchase correctly as far as his power was concerned. He informed us that we should get a new lease and that we should preferably sell the apartment either with a new contract or without a contract. We had complete confidence in him to take care of the procedure according to the power of attorney concluded with a notary. Ali settled a new lease according to the original that was included in the purchase documents. That agreement was orally approved by the other party's lawyers, but the last signature that would enforce the agreement did not materialize. The other party's representative refused to sign. We can confidently recommend Ali Farhoud and his entire team at The Nordic Consulting CANARIA ISLANDS to investigate and solve future problems in timeshare and real estate trading.

Stig Nygård

The company works professionally and seriously. At the same time, they have shown great understanding and hospitality. They are good at giving feedback and inform us about developments in the process. We feel taken care of.

Odd Robert Eilertsen

We've had an apartment in the Beverly Hills Club. We wanted to sell this, and contacted Nordic Consulting to arrange the sale. The apartment was sold quickly thanks to good efforts by Nordic Consulting. We experience Nordic Consulting as very serious and professionally skilled. They have very competent employees. We can highly recommend Nordic Consulting.

Per Morten Kjøraas & Trudy Slaattelid

You at Nordic Consulting have given me hope and I have full confidence in you. In addition, you handle everything very professionally!

Tommy Bergström

Great service from The Nordic Consulting Canary Islands. My wife and I have been using TNC as our local representative when we first started has followed up our investments in Tenerife. The purpose has been to sell apartments and condominiums, as well as prosecuting defaults from resort owners. We are very pleased with how the professional staff at TNC has in recent years followed up the various projects, and have just completed the sale of one of our apartments. They agreed the amounts came as agreed. We have full confidence in the TNC and their employees. They follow up and inform us on an ongoing basis progress. We will certainly continue to use their services to process the remaining the challenges we face in Tenerife. We give our warmest recommendations for using The Nordic Consulting Canary Islands' services.

Per-Arne Skjaeveland

Since we bought some "products" through Silverpoint, we were looking for a reliable office to defend our interests in Tenerife. Because there are plenty of offices there, but reliability is a major problem. At Nordic Consulting, everything is followed up well, and you are regularly informed about the steps that have been taken, such as, for example, the acceptance of your case by the Court. Which is an important step that many other companies just never touch, despite payment. It is not cheap, and you have to be very patient, but I have every confidence in the team that is always there for you and always explains the state of affairs in a friendly and understandable language. And that in your own language, which is such a great added value in such complex matters!

Jean Pierre Paesen

Although initially we were a little sceptical about the whole process, we were very rapidly and completely won over by the professionalism in which Nordic Consulting have been dealing with our case. All of the instructions/requests have been clear and concise, leaving us in no doubt what is required from us – this makes life so much easier for the client(s). Nordic Consulting have kept us informed of each stage of the process and how it is progressing. They have always been prompt in answering any questions we may have submitted - and have willingly offered any help where needed. We have put our complete trust and confidence in this company to fight our corner and have no doubt that they will successfully win our case in a timely manner.

Rosie & Phil Quane

We hired Nordic Consulting in connection with the sale of our apartment in Tenerife. With a power of attorney issued to Ali Farhoud, the entire sales procedure, from the use of brokers, attendance at meetings with stakeholders through to completion of the sale with the buyer, could be carried out without us having to visit Tenerife once! Also, Ali was able to sign the necessary forms with local authorities, banks etc. and ensured that the sales proceeds were transferred directly to our home bank. Throughout the process we were updated on the current situation and felt that we had full control. It feels great that this could be done in a quiet and safe way for us. We would undoubtedly use Nordic Consulting if we found ourselves in the same situation again.  

Inga-Lill & Kent

We would like to thank Ali Farhoud and his staff at The Nordic Consulting for the invaluable help we have received with selling our apartments. We started to look for a holiday apartment in Tenerife when we were offered a very good investment by Ali Farhoud who then worked as a salesperson at Silverpoint. The investment was a good offer with a generous rental contract which would allow us to rent out the apartment when we were not using it on a more or less 50-50 profit share basis. We thought this was a very good deal and afterwards we invested in three different apartment types at Beverly Hills Club, a studio, a one-bedroom and a two-bedroom. We received the title deeds very quickly for all apartments and were supposed to start using these as per contract on the 1st Jan 2018. Then the following happened: We received a new rental contract by post from Excel Hotels & Resorts. They explained that they have taken over the contracts from Silverpoint and would take charge of the apartments. They had made new rental contracts, which they wanted us to sign. These new contracts had much worse conditions, entirely in favour of Excel. We couldn’t possibly agree to this and tried straight away to contact Silverpoint to discuss what happened and to express our concerns about the rental contract before signing it. By this time we were really frustrated over the situation. This was easier said than done. To our surprise Silverpoint´s staff was no longer there. They had been let go and the people that were left would not agree to make any changes of the new rental contract. The person who sold us the apartments, Ali Farhoud, that we had come to trust because he always answered all of our questions, always kept his word and helped us in any way he could. Thank goodness we still had Ali´s private phone number and we contacted him. He promised to help us and recommended us not to sign the new rental contract. This turned out to be our rescue. Since we had 100% trust in him, we gave him a Power of Attorney to be able to help us with the rental contract and later with the sales of the apartments.  More customers started to contact him wanting help, and we advised Ali to open a business, since he was providing these services that cost a lot of money at his own cost. His firm has now developed and become The Nordic Consulting with respected lawyers and real estate agents. We know that he has often had to fight really hard against unjust companies, (including being threatened). Now The Nordic Consulting have sold all three of our apartments. We are truly grateful for this and we are satisfied with the way things turned out, even when it at times seemed impossible and we were prepared to lose everything we had invested. Thank you, Ali and all of your staff, for your great efforts which allow us to look brightly at the future again.

Katy & Ingemar Karlsson

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