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Our team has been in Tenerife for over fifteen years and has a wide ranging experience in property sales and administration for Scandinavians

Ali Farhoud
CEO & founder

Ali Farhoud is founder and CEO of The Nordic Consulting Canary Islands. He cares deeply for his clients, He speaks Swedish, Norwegian, English and Spanish…

Stefano De Martini

Stefano has lived and worked
in Spain since 1989 Stefano is
fluent in English, Spanish and Italian…

Luis Sánchez Garcia Yanes

Luis is known for his
litigation work in dealing
with many civil and criminal
cases that have had impact at
national level…

Elisabet Priscila González Ibars

Elisabet activity mainly in the
fields of civil law(Real Estate, Contract
and Succession) and criminal law…

Isabel Machado

Isabel holds an Accountants degree and
worked in South Africa for most part of
her working career in the retail and
wholesale industry…

Fabrice Quaziz

Fabrice arrived in Tenerife in 1994,
and worked for more than two decades
in various roles across the hotel sector…

David Howard

David has lived and worked in
Tenerife for 22 years and has
extensive knowledge of the
holiday ownership business…

Jack Hayden

Jack has over a decade of experience
in the holiday resort industry,
working for some of the biggest
names in sales, telesales and
legal claims management…

Miguel Rodriguez Ceballos

Miguel was the first lawyer to obtain a
favourable ruling from the Supreme
Court of Spain relating to Timeshare…

Catherine Earnshaw
Office Administrator

Catherine worked in the UK
as a manager in the financial
IT industry before moving to
Spain in 2005…

Dominique Van Mol

Dominique has lived in Tenerife since
2003 and has many years experience
in telemarketing. She now works as a
consultant for The Nordic Consulting…

Harry Basford
IT Support

Harry Heads up Nordics IT Department,
having spent nearly 20 years on the
islandand with a deep passion for
Information Technology…

Kaisa Suuronen

Kaisa has decades of managerial
experience in the accounting and
holiday industries across the globe…

Irina Zikrat

Irina lived and worked in various
countries before arriving in Tenerife
in 2013. She has worked as an interpreter,
administrator, manager and real estate…

Paige Jones

Paige studied English Language and
Finance before working in the UK
accounting and finance industry.
She moved to Tenerife in 2019
to take up a consulting position
with The Nordic Consulting…

Myk Baxter

An experienced business consultant
with over 20 years of experience in
both marketing, brand development
and business consulting…

Monica Olofsson

Monica has a teaching degree and
work experience in both teaching
and sale. Based in Sweden she is a
point of contact for Scandinavian
clients requiring legal advice related
to Spanish holiday ownerships and

Marco Wittmer

After serving in the armed forces,
Marco developed an excellent knowledge
of the Spanish property and holiday
resort industries…

Richard Potticary
Real Estate Agent / Consultant

Richard is a UK chartered accountant
and holds a first-class honours degree
in Economics from the London School
of Economics…

Mira Riekki
Office Administrator

After working as a key account
manager for a Finnish lifestyle
magazine in Sweden, Mira moved
to Spain in 2006…

Mark Lawrence Ussher

Mark holds a Bachelor with Honors
in Business Media Broadcasting
and worked for BBC…

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