Spanish Courts Still Taking Court Submissions

Spanish Courts Still Taking Court Submissions



We at The Nordic Consulting CI believe it is important to maintain constant communication with all of our clients, new and existing alike.


As most are aware, Spain was affected quite badly in relation to the pandemic and to that end many organisations have been affected.

The courts are just one of many areas of the legal system that has had to adapt to the restrictions imposed, like most they are dealing with the situation in an admirable and professional way, naturally concentrating on urgent cases as a matter of priority.

Spain is utilising a ‘phase’ structure, proving so far to be very effective, in order to get back to the new normal. Although some of our cases will naturally encounter a small delay it is important to note that new cases are still allowed to be submitted.


The following document outlines this in more detail, we thank you for your continued confidence in these challenging times.





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