Spanish courts rule in favour of Anfi timeshare owners

Spanish courts rule in favour of Anfi timeshare owners

The Nordic Consulting is proud to be operating in its fourth year and continues to submit claims on behalf of timeshare owners in Anfi, Gran Canaria. We have initiated scores of claims using our Head Lawyer Miguel Rodriguez Ceballos and the results have been fantastic. Miguel has many years of experience and was the first lawyer in Spain to achieve victory at the supreme court for these types of cases.

So far, our clients have a 100% success rate against Anfi, winning either at the court of first instance or at the appeal court. The courts of Gran Canaria are continuing to award significant monetary sums to our clients who own timeshare contracts in the popular Anfi resorts on the island.

The judge typically awards the claimant the unused proportion of the price of the timeshare. In addition, any deposit amounts paid during the “cooling-off period” may be claimed as well. Hence the award is often higher that the amount originally paid for the timeshare by the claimant.

As a detailed example, we analyse below the recent sentence issued in favour of Mr Tomte, who spent a total of EUR23,510 on two contracts in 2014. He enjoyed approximately 6 years of use and hence the court awarded him EUR20,688.80 – an amount corresponding to the unused portion of these illegal contracts.

Additionally, the court awarded a total of EUR8,793 corresponding to payments made within the “cooling off period”. This means that the total award to the client was EUR29,481.80 plus the legal interest that accrued since the court case was submitted.

Clients with a court sentence against Anfi are in a very strong position and typically wait for Anfi to exhaust the appeals process to get paid in full.

If you own timeshare weeks sold to you directly by the resort in Spain, you can contact The Nordic Consulting to review your contracts and see if you too are entitled to compensation.


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