Scandalous – Excel ignores court rulings and continues to charge customers

Scandalous – Excel ignores court rulings and continues to charge customers

Timeshare club members in resorts managed by Excel Hotels and Resorts SL are being told they need to pay maintenance fees related to contracts that the courts of Spain have already declared null. Rather than laziness or a billing error it appears that this is a deliberate action.

One former timeshare club member in Hollywood Mirage, confused about the invoice he received for 2021, emailed Excel with his court resolution proving that his contract was null. He says that Excel responded on the phone by telling him that Excel was not a party to the court case and so the membership was still active and membership fees were still due.

Lawyers for the Nordic Consulting are incredulous to hear this and gave some very clear advice: “What you have been told by Excel is not true. Decreeing the judicial nullity of the client’s contract implies that the contract no longer has any effect. Therefore, the obligation to pay maintenance fees disappears BECAUSE OF THE NULLITY OF THE CONTRACT. You are not obliged to pay the maintenance fees for the year 2021.”

Insiders experienced with the timeshare industry know that some resorts have clauses in their contracts that state cancelled contracts can be “reactivated” if members start paying maintenance fees again.

Resorts are also keen to offer a free holiday to tempt back potential clients and try to sign them up again as customers. Having spent so much time and effort to break free – we hope that former members see the risk in accepting such offers. If you want a week in the sun, the best way to get it is by booking and paying for a week´s holiday, no strings attached though a travel agency or online site such as

You often find accommodation available in the formerly “exclusive” timeshare resorts cheaper than the annual maintenance charge on an equivalent week. The current situation with the tourism industry means that Spanish holidays are available at rock-bottom prices. A week at the Hollywood Mirage in Tenerife for 2 adults in April is currently quoted at €296, including free cancelation, taxes and charges!


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