Scam companies impersonating government agents – Rickard Thorsell and Foster Legals

Scam companies impersonating government agents – Rickard Thorsell and Foster Legals

Scam companies have started a new round of calls, targeting the clients of the Nordic Consulting and other investors that have lost millions of euros through investments sold by Silverpoint Vacations. Incredibly, it seems that agents of these companies are using the Swedish government´s name to lure people into accepting zoom calls with their salespeople! Their real objective is for clients to waste even more money on legal services that usually the client doesn´t need or that they will not actually provide.

Just this week for example, Mr and Mrs Becker received an unsolicited phone call from a Swedish woman with an accent from Skåne in southern Sweden. She claimed to work for a government agency that was performing a “check up” on Swedes who had lawsuits open abroad. The woman stated that she knew that the Beckers had a case in the Spanish courts organised by the Nordic Consulting, and that she would organise a meeting with a “representative” from her agency. The Becker´s accepted … but they were in for a big surprise.

The meeting was scheduled and the Beckers entered the Zoom video call. But, as soon as the meeting started, the hairs on the back of Mr and Mrs Becker stood on end! The “representative” that appeared was Rickard Thorsell – the very Silverpoint salesman that had sold them the products that they were suing for (pictured). Both parties were shocked and Mr Thorsell was clearly embarrassed.

The Beckers say that it was Rickard who sold them hundred´s of thousands of euros of investments in the failed Club Paradiso as well as an investment called the Excel Overseas Lodging Participation Program. They were incredulous that the man who helped destroy their life savings was now an impostor trying to scam them out of even more money. They were especially shocked that he appeared since it was supposedly a “government agency” that contacted them to arrange the call.

In fact, several of our clients have been contacted this past week by Rickard Thorsell who we are told is trying to get business for Foster Legals ( This dubious legal claims company is based in Palma de Majorca and is linked to a number of other claims companies in the Canary Islands. Operating as a group, it appears that these companies share client data between themselves. The individuals behind this group regularly close one company and open the business again under another name. In this way they are able to run away with their client´s upfront legal fees without delivering the promised services.

The Nordic Consulting hopes to publish the names and pictures of the individuals behind these companies shortly. If you have received any unsolicited contact regarding your ongoing legal claim in Spain, make sure you exercise caution. If in doubt, feel free to contact The Nordic Consulting and we will try and verify whether, or not, the contact is from a genuine company or agency.


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