Nordic Consulting – Top Sales Agency for Beverly Hills Club

Nordic Consulting – Top Sales Agency for Beverly Hills Club

The Nordic Consulting has started 2022 as strongly as it finished 2021 – taking possession of apartments for owners and arranging several apartment sales.

In the first week of the year, our consultants helped two owners in apartment complex Beverly Hills Club to secure the access to their apartments, replacing the electronic key card entry system with a physical lock. One of these apartments was owned by Mr and Mrs Holland. In 2021 the Hollands asked Nordic to instruct lawyers to evict Excel Hotels & Resorts SL from the apartment. By the end of the year, they had a positive court ruling and the locks were changed on the 4th of January 2022, making the apartment much more saleable.

New locks installed after evicting Excel Hotels & Resorts SL in Beverly Hills Club

Selling their apartment is the end goal for many owners in Beverly Hills Club. Their ownership has failed to deliver the investment returns they were expecting at the time of purchase. The complex itself is proving to be more popular with new owners, many of whom simply wish to own a holiday home in the well-located holiday complex.

The Nordic Consulting is by far the most successful sales agent for apartments in Beverly Hills Club. Over the 3 years to December 2021, we have completed 52 sales in this complex. The property market continues to be strong, with many buyers coming to Tenerife ever since last summer as COVID related travel restrictions continued to decrease.

Early January 2022 has been particularly strong with our company already completing 2 sales and with another 4 scheduled for completion in the next two weeks. The majority of current sales are to investors who want to speculate on the price of apartments whilst also enjoying some private holiday use.

To read the reviews of apartment owners who have sold their properties using The Nordic Consulting click this link to Google Reviews


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