Another Nordic Consulting Court Victory

The Nordic Consulting is proud to announce that more of its clients, Mr and Mrs Malm have achieved victory in the courts of Spain. They were represented in court by our expert lawyer Luis Sanchez Garcia-Yanes.

The court awarded in their favour against Silverpoint Vacations SL. Originally, the Malms had paid £79,714 in 2014 for two memberships in Club Paradiso, but soon after this the club stopped honouring its promises. The attached file shows the court judgement that renders the membership contracts “null and void” and awards the plaintiffs amounts totalling £150,522 plus legal interest and costs.

The Nordic Consulting team is delighted to share in this success and wants to thank Mr and Mrs Malm for trusting us to represent them.

You are entitled to a club membership refund

Regardless of whether your membership is functioning well or not, do you know that you are entitled to a refund through the courts of Spain? There are several reasons for this, one being if you paid the whole membership fee at the beginning of your membership. The good news is that this is normally the case for Club Paradiso members.

In fact, sometimes, as with the Malms, the court even awards claimants close to double the amounts paid if membership fees were illegally charged within 90 days of signing the contract.

We can look at your Club Paradiso membership paperwork and advise you on the best course of action.

Our lawyers are specialists in not only Club Paradiso, but various illegal and problematic products sold by Silverpoint and related companies.

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