Laying down the law

Laying down the law

Read about The Nordic Consulting´s spectacular growth from humble beginnings. This is a reproduction of the November article in Norwegian Airlines in-flight magazine.

Facing the biggest timeshare companies in Europe, The Nordic Consulting Canary Islands is giving mis-sold holidaymakers a helping hand.

Having only celebrated its first birthday last month, you would be forgiven for thinking The Nordic Consulting is just a plucky upstart. The reality is that, in the space of 12 months, the legal consultancy has amassed a list of more than 300 international clients.

It all began in 2018, when Canary Islands based Silverpoint Vacations SL, one of the largest holiday timeshare firms in Europe, started selling off a number of its resort properties, leaving those with lifetime memberships out of pocket.

In response, Swedish native and former Silverpoint employee Ali Farhoud, together with his wife Mira Riekki, decided to use their knowledge of the local tourism sector to help.

He already had personal success suing Silverpoint, but many holidaymakers with investments were having less luck in holding the company to account. The couple flew back home and offered to represent families in court against Silverpoint, returning to Spain with 33 power of attorneys.

Since then, their client list has grown to triple figures, taking on disputes involving other timeshare giants with the help of its senior management team. Despite the title, the firm isn’t just offering help to Nordic folk, either – a multinational team of lawyers are currently working on cases in English, Dutch, German, French, Italian and Spanish, as well as Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and Finnish.

As anybody with experience of these types of cases will know, they can often take years to reach their final conclusions. This time frame can feel even longer when the language barrier comes into play. Therefore, the team at The Nordic Consulting does everything in its power to bring clarity to complicated processes: publishing step-by-step schedules so clients can see how far along their case is; translating documentation; and uploading them to an accessible log-in portal.

In a field that can feel needlessly confusing even at the best of times, The Nordic Consulting’s humble beginnings and ongoing commitment to transparency are winning the trust of families from all over Europe.

The Nordic Consulting Team

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