Nordic Claim Victory in Club Monte Anfi

Nordic Claim Victory in Club Monte Anfi

The Nordic Consulting is pleased to announce a claim victory on behalf if its client Mr Trond Viggo. Mr Viggo paid €31.237 in December 2010 for a week sold to him after he was approached on the street. by Anfi Sales S.L. and has been awarded €24.990, which corresponds to the unused portion of the contract, plus legal interest and costs.

Mr Viggo was unhappy with his contract, not because of the legal technicalities, but because he felt trapped and unable to sell on his week.

The court in San Bartlolmé de Tirajana, Gran Canaria, took 8 months to award the refund and declare the original purchase contract null and void. Miguel Rodriguez, head lawyer for the Nordic Consulting, is also petitioning the court to demand Anfi pay the compensation amount already. This money should be held in the court account to be transferred out to the clients after Anfi exhaust the appeals process – which typically takes a further two years.

Miguel comments that Anfi is making payments more quickly now, after Miguel was part of a criminal case against the company, related to it delaying payments in the past.

Miguel also comments that “In order to make the claim it was important that Mr Viggo did not sign a new contract with Anfi as doing so would have eliminated the chance to litigate against the timeshare company.”

If you own an Anfi timeshare contract you might want to check your options before signing any new contracts offered by the company. If you bought timeshare or “points” in Spain after 1999 then it is likely that you can claim your money back plus compensation.

Contact the Nordic Consulting and our lawyers will review your paperwork to let you know if you have a strong case.


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