Legal Team

Legal team

The Nordic Consulting Canary Islands is pleased to introduce its expert legal team. Miguel Rodriguez Ceballos, is based in Gran Canaria. His landmark victory in the Supreme Court in Madrid has opened the way for thousands of timeshare owners to sue for compensation in the Spanish courts. Working closely alongside Miguel in Gran Canaria is Oscar Lopez Martin who is also specialised in timeshare legal claims. Luis Sanchez Garcia Yanes is based in Tenerife and has already achieved hundreds of court victories for our clients both in the Local Courts of Arona and in the Mercantile Court.

Head Lawyer

Miguel Rodriguez Ceballos

Miguel was the first lawyer to obtain a favourable ruling from the Supreme Court of Spain relating to Timeshare. He has extensive experience

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Client Testimonials

We have over 600 satisfied clients who have directly worked with our specialist team of consultants and property experts. All members of our team have on average 15+ years industry experience.