Keys Concierge and Signallia – Company closures cause holiday chaos

Nordic Consulting can report that currently customers who booked holidays through Signallia in resorts such as Beverly Hills Heights and The Hollywood Mirage in Tenerife are having problems with their reservations. Signallia itself is now closed and the staff have been made redundant. Clients arriving at the above-mentioned resorts have typically been able to obtain accommodation but only by paying an additional fee.

As you probably already know Silverpoint, one of the largest timeshare companies in Europe, is in big trouble and on the verge of bankruptcy. Many of it´s associated companies including Keys Concierge, Signallia, Excel Overseas Holdings and Club Paradiso are closed, closing or in liquidation.

Whether they realise it yet or not, Silverpoint customers with investments in timeshare and related ownerships/memberships will face an increasing amount of problems.

If you own any Silverpoint products, get in touch with Nordic Consulting to find out if and how you may be affected.