Exposed: Eugen Kaiser, “Canarian Legal Alliance” and “Inside Timeshare”

Question: What do Eugen Kaiser, “Canarian Legal Alliance” and “Inside Timeshare” have in common?


Answer: They are essentially the same, and Eugen, with his dubious track record and slanderous business tactics wants your money!

According to The Timeshare Consumer Association in the UK, Eugene Kaiser controls The Club Puerto Atlántico resort in Gran Canaria and he is the directing mind of Canarian Legal Alliance or “CLA” a legal consultancy that exits consumers from timeshare contracts and holiday clubs.

At the same time Eugen Kaiser uses the blog “Inside Timeshare” to provide a veneer of credibility to his activities, promoting his business the “Canarian Legal Alliance”, while unfairly and shamelessly slandering reputable competitors.

Far from being independent, these entities are all linked and controlled by the same individual. In fact, Mr. Kaiser himself is an ex-timeshare sales manager for “Anfi Del Mar” – the very resort which he challenges today with his legal enterprise. It is reported that one of Mr Kaiser´s ambitions is to wrestle control of this resort for himself.



Know who you are dealing with

Readers of Inside Timeshare and clients of the Canarian Legal Alliance need to know who they are ultimately dealing with. There is great reason for concern as Eugen Kaiser has long been known to the police and the international press.

The British newspaper The Daily Mail reported that Eugen Kaiser and associate Paula Beatson were accused of fraud as far back as 2006.


Paula Beatson (second from left) and Eugen Kaiser (in white shirt), arrested in Gran Canaria on fraud charges relating to the sale of timeshares that do not exist

The Mindtimeshare Association, a Spanish watchdog, became aware of the group including Kaiser and Beatson after receiving more than 60 complaints. It contacted the police, who launched ‘Operation Voyager’, leading to more than 50 arrests in 2013. The scam was described as a “£4.3million timeshare fraud that targeted thousands of tourists”.

Beatson and Kaiser were accused of systematically defrauding tourists since 2007 and were arrested and bailed while investigations by The Special Organised Crime Unit were conducted. It is reported that 2,000 holidaymakers paid up to £25,000 each for timeshare properties that they could not use. A Spanish police source said: ‘They were selling a complete and utter lie.’

As recently as August 2019 there are still reports that customers are being cheated and scammed by Mr. Kaiser. El Digital De Canarias reports that “there are hundreds of tourists who feel cheated and scammed when buying a vacation product made by companies linked to this entrepreneur. The reality is that we would be facing an alleged organised gang that has been scamming hundreds of tourists who visited the Island of Gran Canaria for more than thirteen years, by marketing a long-term vacation product, which according to many of these victims, turned out to be a total deception”.


The Inside Timeshare Lies

Eugen Kaiser´s unfair treatment of bona fide litigation firms is causing a commotion in the Canary Islands. Based on the current outcry, the newspaper El Digital Canarias reports that Eugene Kaiser “without any blush or consideration… [is dedicated] to obtaining benefits through actions focused on deception, lies and discredit of other companies.”

It´s only conclusion is that “it is surprising that so far this person and his associates have been able to continue acting in this way … especially since said businessman allegedly has access to personal data that could have been acquired irregularly.”


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