Excel issues invalid invoices to timeshare club members

Excel issues invalid invoices to timeshare club members

Excel Hotels & Resorts SA has just sent out a plethora of invoices for timeshare maintenance fees for 2021. Many of these are for weeks in timeshare resorts such as Hollywood Mirage, Los Cristianos, that were originally sold by the now bankrupt company Silverpoint Vacations SL.

It is our opinion that many timeshare owners DO NOT have to pay these invoices if they have a court sentence declaring the contract null and void or if they have a signed agreement with the Silverpoint insolvency administrator.

The background to this situation is that many timeshare contracts sold by Silverpoint were illegal. As a result, the Silverpoint insolvency administrator has agreed that the contracts are null and void and has included the owners in the list of creditors in the liquidation. The judge in the mercantile court is rubber stamping these agreements, but in the opinion of our lawyers these contracts have already ceased to have effect. As soon as a timeshare owner has a signed agreement with the insolvency administrator, they no longer have any obligation to pay the fees.

If you own a timeshare that was sold by Silverpoint and want to check if you must continue paying the annual maintenance fees, you can contact us without charge to find out what your current obligations are.


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