Excel CANNOT insist on registering users of private apartments

Excel CANNOT insist on registering users of private apartments

Once again Excel are misleading apartment owners and users in Beverly Hills Club. This letter was sent by Excel to owners of apartments in the complex, including owners that do not have a rental contract with the hotel. Cleverly it is addressed “Dear Client” and not “Dear Owners” – as it is only applicable to active clients of the hotel.

An independent legal review of this document highlights the truth. In particular:

  1. The legislation that the letter mentions refers to the lodging activity, that is, to the obligation to identify those people who temporarily stay in Tenerife, in the apartments that Excel Hotels manages through an apartment assignment contract for its tourist exploitation that is in force
  2. Regarding the apartments that do not have a tourist exploitation contract with the Excel Hotels entity, this regulation IS NOT APPLICABLE, since there is no specification that empowers the hotel management company to identify people outside its activity. In this case only the police and state security forces have the identification competence.


We trust that this information is useful to you private owners and users of apartments that are not contractually linked to the hotel.


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