ELPPs – Ask Nordic for the best advice

ELPPs – Ask Nordic for the best advice

Alexander Lawson from Kalo Advisors recently wrote to investors in the Excel Overseas Lodging Participation Programme Scheme (the “ELPP Scheme”) and urged them to exercise caution in appointing legal representatives and to appoint reputable firms.

We at Nordic Consulting take the same view and indeed that is our strength:

  • Our lawyer Luis Sánchez Garcìa-Yanes is highly recommended as an expert in Mercantile, Criminal and Timeshare law.  Luis and his team of lawyers have vast experience in dealing with legal cases against Silverpoint and related companies and products.

  • For the avoidance of doubt The Nordic Consulting Canary Islands has nothing to do with the other companies mentioned in the letter, in particular – Tenerife Consulting Team and Viking Real Estate & Consultant. Indeed, if any company claims to have obtained refunds of ELPP Scheme investments after the date of the liquidator’s appointment this is indeed false, and we also urge you to exercise caution.
  • We are currently helping the families that we represent to take legal action to cancel the original contract for ELPP investments that was signed here in Spain. This involves lawsuits against Spanish companies mentioned in investor paperwork such as Homes Under The Sun SL and also Silverpoint Vacations SL – since we have evidence it was employees of this company that presented the product to investors in the first place.  

If you have invested in the ELPP scheme and need good impartial advice, please contact us to discuss the options available to you at this time.


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