Consumer Warning: Dubious claims companies based in Dubai

Recently Dubai based companies have been cold calling individuals and offering expensive legal services in Spain. The most frequent reported perpetrators are Global 31 and Canarian Legal Alliance FZE.

Services offered may include a “relinquishment under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act” – something which we often caution against if legal action in Spain is more appropriate. Without a doubt, consumers need to be wary of contracting Spanish legal services from Dubai.

Why do companies operate from Dubai?

An FZE, or Dubai based company is often used to avoid paying taxes and to hide the ownership of the company. These companies are not subject to the same stringent rules and regulations as typical Europeans companies. There is no open directory of company ownership, and company information such as shareholder details are never disclosed to the public.

For example, CLA Internaional FZE gives it´s registered address as The Fairmount Dubai, office 508, Sheik Zayed Road, Dubai. A quick check to see if this address is a ´bona fide´ centre of operations gives a clear answer. The same address is being used as the registered address a long list of unrelated companies, including: Roodsafe Ltd, Dubaibnb, EPOS Design Dubai, Nowaco International FZC, KSD International FZE, “Your Address Real Estate”, among others.

What is the Canarian Legal Alliance trying to hide? We recommend consumers familiarise themselves with the related article Exposed: Eugen Kaiser, “Canarian Legal Alliance” and “Inside Timeshare” which highlights the accusations of fraud against related individuals stretching back as far as 2006.

The dangers for consumers

We urge extreme caution in contracting a Dubai based company to provide legal services in Spain.  Once consumers have parted with their money to contract legal services they are trapped.  Obtaining a refund could be very difficult and costly, with disputes likely to fall under the authority of the courts in the United Arab Emirates.

Contracting a Dubai based company also supports the kind of corporate tax avoidance that fails to support the local business and economy (as made infamous by the case of Google paying nearly no taxes in the UK). It also adds unnecessary layers of complications to your legal claims process.

These kind of tax structures are behind many of the complicated and failing Silverpoint Investments in the first place. For example “ELPP” investments were sold in Spain to Silverpoint customers, paid for to a company in Dubai and are now in liquidation by order of the high court in the British Virgin Islands! For more details, see the articles below

Make sure you contract a transparent local legal adviser

The Nordic Consulting Team

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