Club Paradiso Closing! Holidaymakers left without accommodation

Club Paradiso Closing! Holidaymakers left without accommodation

Many of our clients will now be aware that Club Paradiso is selling or closing most of its resorts.

The Paramount Resort in Los Cristianos, Tenerife is now shut. Owners arriving at the resort are offered alternative accommodation at the nearby Hollywood Mirage, but soon discover there is an additional cost. This is despite having paid their annual fees!

San Filipo in Tuscany has been sold, as has Dora Bay in Dubai. Anglers Reef in the Florida Keys is also in the process of being sold and they are down to one remaining townhouse. Golden Sands in Malta will remain for the time being, as it is owned and operated by Azure, a separate company. Kentisbury Grange in Devon will, we believe, only be available for private bookings and not for Club members. We have been informed by a few Club members that by the end of July the whole of the Paradiso system will be shut apart from Malta.

Where does this leave Club Paradiso members?

With a whole series of closures and liquidations including Keys Concierge, Signallia, Excel Overseas Holdings and now Club Paradiso – Now is the ideal time for members to file a claim against Silverpoint and its associated companies for the return of monies spent on membership.

Many Club Paradiso owners have reached their current levels of membership via a complicated series of failed sales and resales of other products bought from Resort Properties and Silverpoint over the years. Typically, club members have spent thousands and thousands of pounds to be where they are now. The good news though is that now, for the first time, it is possible to recoup that money legally through the courts here in Tenerife.

Nordic Consulting is the leading, locally based provider of litigation services against Silverpoint and Club Paradiso. Contact us via our website or visit our offices in Los Cristianos for a free appraisal of your potential claim and free advice as to what you should be doing in the meantime.

We will keep all the families we represent up to date with future news about Club Paradiso as it unfolds.


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