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The Nordic Consulting Canary Islands is pleased to announce the court victory of a claim submitted to the courts of Gran Canaria in relation to an Anfi holiday membership. The claim was presented in August 2020 and it has taken just 8 months to achieve this result. In total the court has approved an...
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Anfi Timeshare Lawyer
Anfi Beach Club in Gran Canaria Positive ruling: Ref No. 1313/2010, Date. 21/11/2016, Amount. 29,117.1£ Positive ruling: Ref No. 1306/2010, Date. 21/11/2016, Amount. 38,850.77£ Positive ruling: Ref No. 371/2016, Date. 22/06/2018, Amount. 19,314£ Positive ruling: Ref No. 537/2016, Date. 04/07/2019...
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