Homes Under The Sun Pay-out €5,943

Homes Under The Sun Pay-out €5,943

Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Becker on receiving a pay-out following their legal victory using The Nordic Consulting. The Becker´s filed a legal claim back in 2019, following their 2017 ill-fated investment in a product called the “Excel Overseas Lodging Participation Programme Scheme”.

The Courts of Arona, Tenerife awarded the clients the costs of their original investment back – an amount of €70,395 – plus legal costs and interest. Click here to see a copy of the sentence.

The claim was entered against both Silverpoint Vacations SL and Homes Under The Sun SL. Unlike Silverpoint, Homes Under The Sun was not in a liquidation process and hence the court was able to freeze and seize the liquid funds for this pay-out. The court barrister transferred €5,943.94. to the Nordic Consulting account on the 22nd October and the payment was made to the clients the next working day.

Ali Farhoud, founder of The Nordic Consulting called the Beckers to give them the good news. Their response was “that´s great… thank you so much Ali, we can finally see some results. It has been worth the wait.” Of. course the work isn’t finished and continued efforts are being made to secure further payouts both from Homes Under The Sun and from the Silverpoint liquidation process.

To read more about the “Excel Overseas Lodging Participation Programme Scheme” and how it was marked in Tenerife, click here.


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