Beverly Hills Club Eviction – Apartment G005

Beverly Hills Club Eviction – Apartment G005

Congratulations to Mr & Mrs Sneddon, clients of The Nordic Consulting, on their court victory, breaking their rental contract with Excel Hotels & Resorts. Excel was ordered to cancel the contract and to give possession of the apartment back to the owners, free of occupants. In addition, the plaintiff was ordered to pay the costs of the court case.

The hotel management company does not own the apartments, but leases them, typically from private individuals. However the company´s lawyers were not able to prove that apartment owners had been paid the correct amounts on time.

Excel has repeatedly failed to pay owners the amount they were promised in their contracts. The company has given various excuses, such as having a new owner, that are simply not valid. As a result of the non-payment, apartments that have these contracts have been difficult to sell and have a lower valuation on the open market compared to apartments that are not linked to the hotel exploitation.

The Nordic Consulting has many more similar cases that are due to be heard soon by court. Many apartment owners are choosing to initiate legal action now, because they are not convinced that the hotel will hand over the possession of the apartment when the contracts expire, typically at the end of 2022.

Congratulations are in order for our consultant on this case Mira Riekki and our lawyer Luis Sanchez Garcia Yanes.


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