Beverly Hills Suites apartments selling strongly

Beverly Hills Suites apartments selling strongly

Katy & Ingemar Karlsson, clients of the Nordic Consulting are pleased to report that they have already sold all three of their apartments in Beverly Hills Suites. Read about their experience with The Nordic Consulting below:

“We would like to thank Ali Farhoud and his staff at The Nordic Consulting for the invaluable help we have received with selling our apartments.

“We started to look for a holiday apartment in Tenerife when we were offered a very good investment by Ali Farhoud who then worked as a salesperson at Silverpoint. The investment was a good offer with a generous rental contract which would allow us to rent out the apartment when we were not using it on a more or less 50-50 profit share basis.

“We thought this was a very good deal and afterwards we invested in three different apartment types at Beverly Hills Club, a studio, a one-bedroom and a two-bedroom. We received the title deeds very quickly for all apartments and were supposed to start using these as per contract on the 1st Jan 2018.

“Then the following happened: We received a new rental contract by post from Excel Hotels & Resorts. They explained that they have taken over the contracts from Silverpoint and would take charge of the apartments. They had made new rental contracts, which they wanted us to sign. These new contracts had much worse conditions, entirely in favour of Excel. We couldn’t possibly agree to this and tried straight away to contact Silverpoint to discuss what happened and to express our concerns about the rental contract before signing it. By this time we were really frustrated over the situation.

“This was easier said than done. To our surprise Silverpoint´s staff was no longer there. They had been let go and the people that were left would not agree to make any changes of the new rental contract.

“The person who sold us the apartments, Ali Farhoud, that we had come to trust because he always answered all of our questions, always kept his word and helped us in any way he could. Thank goodness we still had Ali´s private phone number and we contacted him. He promised to help us and recommended us not to sign the new rental contract. This turned out to be our rescue.

“Since we had 100% trust in him, we gave him a Power of Attorney to be able to help us with the rental contract and later with the sales of the apartments.  More customers started to contact him wanting help, and we advised Ali to open a business, since he was providing these services that cost a lot of money at his own cost. His firm has now developed and become The Nordic Consulting with respected lawyers and real estate agents.

We know that he has often had to fight really hard against unjust companies, (including being threatened).

“Now The Nordic Consulting have sold all three of our apartments. We are truly grateful for this and we are satisfied with the way things turned out, even when it at times seemed impossible and we were prepared to lose everything we had invested.

“Thank you, Ali and all of your staff, for your great efforts which allow us to look brightly at the future again.

“Katy & Ingemar Karlsson”    


The best way to sell your apartment in Beverly Hills Suites

If you own apartments with a title deed in Beverly Hills Club -The Suites you probably have still not been paid your rental income from 2018, even though this was due in April 2019. In fact as reported in our earlier article, these apartments with rental contracts are close to impossible to sell for a reasonable price.

In order to recoup your investment we recommend that you contact The Nordic Consulting for our lawyer to officially cancel your rental contract through the courts of Spain.

Out of contract, your apartment is very saleable on the open market and our real estate agents aim to agree the sale of these apartments within a month of coming out of contract.

Please contact us if you are interested in starting this procedure – the property market is currently strong and there are very few apartments out of contract for sale in this complex.


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