Anfi makes huge compensation pay-outs for illegal timeshares

Anfi makes huge compensation pay-outs for illegal timeshares

Nordic Consulting lawyer Miguel Rodriguez Ceballos reports that his clients are finally receiving large pay-outs from Anfi Group in relation to court cases for illegal timeshare contracts.

The account extract below shows Miguel´s clients receiving close to €187.000 on account in relation to a case that claimed c.€150.000 plus legal costs and interest.

Miguel explains that Anfi are making payments more quickly now for his clients since he was part of a criminal case against Anfi, who previously were not always quick to comply with court orders to make payments.

Currently Miguel estimates that 3 years is more than enough time to file a lawsuit against Gran Canaria´s biggest timeshare company and finish the case at both the local and provincial courts. At this stage clients usually receive payment, although there is a chance that the case be appealed again to the Supreme Court in Madrid.

In any case Miguel is usually thinking ahead on behalf of his clients. As soon as his clients win at the local courts (currently this takes around 8 months) he petitions the court to ask Anfi for the money specified in the court award. This money is requested to sit on the court account to be paid out to the clients after Anfi exhaust the appeals process.

If you bought timeshare or “points” in Spain after 1999 then it is likely that you can claim your money back plus compensation. Contact the Nordic Consulting and our lawyers will review your paperwork to let you know if you have a strong case.

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