Third Party Companies Targeting Beverly Hills Club Owners

Third Party Companies Targeting Beverly Hills Club Owners

Many owns in Beverly Hills Club have been getting phone calls from individuals that appear to be linked to Excel Hotels & Resorts. The caller might claim to be from a recently created company or calling from “Beverly Hills Club”. These individuals seem to have been granted access to Excel resorts,  and have called on the doors of various owners that are staying in Tenerife over the winter in resorts such as The Hollywood Mirage and Palm Beach Club.

These companies may be quick to promise solutions to owners´ problems but are often vague on key details. Remember that there are no shortcuts. To maximise the value of your apartment it needs to be sold without a rental contract. In our experience properties free from exploitation are currently selling for €20,000 – €30,000€ more that apartments where the owner has a rental contract in place. We strongly believe that independent owners can also increase property values across the resort by having a majority vote in the community of owners. The hotel currently has a majority by the smallest of margins and must be desperate to solicit more votes.

We know that dubious companies and individuals often make use of the Christmas and New Year holidays to call unsuspecting owners as many genuine and professional companies are closed over this period. We strongly urge all owners to exercise extreme caution during this time. If you have any doubts, please wait for a response from The Nordic Consulting legal team once our offices reopen in early January.

Remember too that Beverly Hills Club owners already have a strong forum – “Beverly Hills Club Owners”, with Vicky Rosende as the project manager. We strongly advise owners to contact Vicky if they have any doubts about unsolicited contacts they receive. The project is supported by the majority of private owners, and is sponsored by Ali Farhoud, owner of The Nordic Consulting and Demali Property & Investments. Ali has been involved in over 60 apartment sales in Beverly Hills Club in the past three years. You can read some of the reviews of former owners on Google Reviews.

As always, we welcome any existing and potential clients to come and meet us in person at our offices in Los Cristianos Tenerife. If you wish to talk directly to our project manager Vicky, please do so using the official owners´ website for Beverly Hills Club owners We also encourage owners to talk to each other directly and many owners are happy for you to contact them directly. Just let us know which language you prefer, and with permission, we can help you make contact.


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